In 2006 the second president of Chechen Republic, Alu Alkhanov, proposed changing the official name of the republic to Нохчийн мотт (Noxçiyn or Nokhchiin) which is a transcription of the name in the Chechen language. Since then, the Chechen Republic has two official language: Russian and Chechen.

Chechen language is an ergative-agglutinative language. Linguistically, it is, together with Ingush and Bats, a member of the Nakh branch of the Northeast Caucasian language family. There are a number of Chechen dialects: Akkhiy, Chiantiy, Chiebarloy, Mialkhiy, Nokhchmakhkakhoy, Orstkhoy, Sharoy, Shuotoy, Terloy and Kisti.


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