Chechen Refugees Have Returned From Poland

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A group of Chechen refugees have arrived to capital Grozny from Poland on the morning of April 25th.

The returnees are totally 24 people, including children. The refugees were welcomed in Grozny by the representatives from Foreign Affairs, National Policy, Press and Information of Chechen Republic. Chechen refugees explained their grateful for the head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov for his assists.

“We could return only with the help of Ramzan Kadyrov. We were left to the streets in Poland, but the representatives of our republic’s head rent a hotel for us, provided foods and clothes as well as a free bus for our return way; also they gave us houses in Chechnya, in this manner we were able to return our homeland. We are grateful to the head of our republic, Ramzan Kadyrov and his representative in Poland, Magomed Yusupov,” said Taus Musaeva who had left Chechnya three years earlier.

Another returnee, 26 year old Movsar Eliskhanov said that he went to Poland with a hope, but when he started to live there, he clearly understood that Chechens have no future in Europe.

The Chechen families who has just returned to the homeland, thanked Ramzan Kadyrov for his helps and expressed the others also hope to willing receive the same support. According to them, many of refugees want to return home very much, but they are afraid. Because some people spread rumors that the returnees are persecuted by the authorities of the republic. They believe that it is better to live at home than in the unsettled camps in appalling sanitary conditions.



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