Opening of Arable Season in Chechnya

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Every spring the Chechen Republic celebrates the opening of the arable season. In former days the celebration lasted for two days, now it’s only one but the holiday is still very funny and worth seeing. We will try to explain you these carnival with the photos from Chechnya’s Vedeno region.

The beginning of carnival is usually devoted to the ritual of ploughing and sowing. The traditional order of that day was the following: yoking oxen, seeing off a plowman, making a ceremonial furrow, planting, public meal and finally entertainment.

Selected for the ritual plowman had to strictly comply with some requirements: he had to be “carrying an abundance”, to be an “honest worker” and have a “green thumb.” Not everyone would agree on this honorable work, fearing of the villagers’ accusations in case of a crop failure. The ox for the plowing ritual was specially decorated.

Normally the second day, it was fully devoted to races and various competitions. Currently, the holiday has been celebrated for only one day. Thus all these competitions is held in the same day.

Here is the some photos from these beautiful tradition:




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