Photos From the Historical Event in Grozny

The photos which were taken during the opening ceremony of the Akhmed -Hadji Kadyrov Sport Complex show the excitementof Chechen people and their happiness to continue their life in peace and harmony. (more…)


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Magnificent Evening in Grozny

On May 11, the newly builded Akhmed-Hadji Kadyrov Sport Complex has been opened with a magnificent programme. The event started at 08.00pm on local time, world pop and football stars staged. (more…)

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Kuban: 2 – Terek: 1

In the 8th week of Russian Premier League Season, the Terek Grozny Football Club played away with Kuban in Krasnodar. Terek Grozny lost the game 2-1. (more…)

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Grozny’s New Stadium is Ready

The “Akhmed-Haj Kadyrov” Sport Complex in Grozny, the capital of Chechen Republic, will be open with a magnificent ceremony on May 11. (more…)

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Chechen businessman purchaces Swiss football team

Chechen entrepreneur Bulat Chagaev has bought the top division Neuchâtel Xamax football club in Sweden from its president Sylvio Bernasconi. (more…)

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A new mosque has opened in Chechnya

A new mosque has opened In the Gilan village of Nozhai-Yurt district in Chechnya. (more…)

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Terek: 1 – Volga: 0

In the 7th week of Russian Premier League Season, the Terek Grozny Football Club hosted the Volga Nizhny Novgorod Football Club in his home stadium. Terek Grozny beat his rival 1-o. (more…)

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